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Veteran Citizen Forum is formed to bring likeminded citizens, who have varied qualifications and rich experience in their chosen vocations on a common platform and use this pool of knowledge and experience, for the benefit of society. The Forum’s philosophy is epitomized in the famous lines of James A. Garfield: "If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should not grow old.” 


It is a non-political, non-communal organisation. We have about 400+ members as on today and more and more are becoming members. Our forum is registered since 2011 with the Maharashtra Charity Commissioner (Reg No MAH/969/11/Thane).


Our Goals


Ø   Improve civic amenities by raising our collective voice to pressurize the various authorities concerned,

Ø   Work towards helping senior citizens by providing help lines, security initiatives, and companionship when needed

Ø   Empower veterans to enjoy their second innings (physically, emotionally and mentally) by organizing activities such as get- together, birthday parties, seminars, picnics, hobby clubs etc.


What we do:


Monthly meetings:


Monthly meetings are scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4 PM. The meeting is held at Buddha Vihar. This meeting is open to all senior citizens whether they are members or not. Eminent guest speakers are invited to talk on topics of interest (Health, Finance, Hobbies, Environment, legal, RTI, etc.) to senior citizens. To quote some members, these meetings are “thought provoking”, “productive and informative”, “give ideas for spending time usefully” and “an opportunity to meet and make friends”.


Participation in workshops and seminars: Our members get invited to workshops and seminars conducted by reputed organizations..


Health Care for Sr. Citizens.


Free Medical Camps:


We hold medical camps for Sr. Citizens including non-members.  The average attendance of such camps is about 100- 125 sr. citizens. These camps have benefitted more than 700 Sr. Citizens.


Arranging concessional medical facilities and consultations.


VCF in its endeavor to provide medical treatments at concessional rates to Sr. Citizens, have been approaching the local Medical specialists, hospitals, diagnostic centers, chemists etc. We are proud to say that, we have on our panel very eminent doctors, hospitals, pathological labs and chemists.


Improve civic amenities


The forum has been taking up social and infrastructure issues with concerned authorities.

Recreational Activities.

Picnic to nature camps:


We arrange picnics to places where there would be something to learn and also something that take the sr.



Hobby Clubs


Hobbies promote socialization, physical activity as well as using our minds. We have formed various interest groups / hobby clubs like Nature club, Cultural club, Creative groups etc. The respective hobby clubs meet once in a week / or fortnight and spend time together exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.


Quarterly Magazine


VCF is publishing a quarterly in-house magazine NuZine. This magazine gives details of our quarterly activities, our partners in Health care and articles relevant to the senior citizens. This also gives our members to express their poetic and literal talents.



Helpline for Sr. Citizens.


This helpline provide guidance, and assistance, to solve personal issues of senior citizens like health related legal, government policies, RTI etc.  This is managed by volunteers from members. The volunteers have been trained by a corporate professional. This is open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM.


Our future plans.


Veteran Citizen Forum has a well-defined short term and long term plans chalked out. We will be striving to achieve this with the help of members, corporates and other NGOs.


  • Provide affordable Health Care to our members.
  • Provide “Home care” for Sr. Citizens who are not able to step out of their home.
  • Start Marriage / Live-in relationship bureau for single/ widows/widowers.
  • Taking up social issues, security issues and work with Government organisations.
  • Arrange employment opportunities for those want to take up a second career.
  • Start a “Day Care center” for Sr. Citizens.