VCF Cultural Group


BY Ms Asha Ranade


Indian Culture has depth. It’s not a mere phrase of two words. It has richness. Each Indian State has culture of its own. Despite our varied cultural leanings we are one people. India is the only country in the world that can boast of 'Unity in Diversity'.


VCF CULTURAL GROUP is a classic example of our national ethos. We have enough material to feed our group discussions, presentation and entertainment for our members. Members of the group are motivated to conceptualise and organise various cultural programs. The Group constantly encourages our members and taps their hidden talents to blossom forth. Our members not only discuss various topics verbally but also ink them too.


VCF Cultural Group is an 'extension of self '. This feeling is amply visible when we go through our VCF NuZine wherein articles are contributed by members like Leira Uttangi, Sudha Dole and Manju Gulrajani, whose article in Hindi on our 1st Music Programme, prompted another Sr Citizens' Association to invite our group to perform at their function.  We are happy to discover many poets amongst us. Shuklaji, Nagendra Guptaji as well as Janardhanji, who have all contributed their bit. All these talented and youthful 'cacooned' members have been given a platform to blossom with zeal and enthusiasm.


Members of our Music Group, ably guided by Dr Bharati Modi and Mrudul Modi , meet every Tuesday to exercise their vocal chords. No more bathroom/ living room singing. Now they have a public platform to showcase their talents in singing, dance & drama. VCF Culture Group's mission is to provide an opportunity to members of our VCF Forum to recognise their capabilities, shed their inhibitions, develop/nurture their talents and be confident, productive and self-reliant.