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Industry Connect/ Interface


Background: TMF Core Group met on 22nd October and announced formation of Program Committee, Social Media committee and Logistics Committee and also appointed members responsible for them. Due to paucity of time, there was no time to discuss formation of Students’ Interface Committee (including quality education and placements) or Industry Connect/Interface Committee which we feel is a great need/ opportunity for TMF if it has to achieve short term an

d long term goals embodied in the original documents sent to members.


Need for TMF Industry Connect/Interface Committee: Initiatives like Make in India, Compete with China, Business Excellence, Market Leadership, Low Cost High Quality Producer, Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement Programs etc. cannot be generally achieved by medium or large industries/ businesses on their own unless they make serious attempts either through own, expensive in-house R & D and BD departments or by hiring big consultants like Mackinsey, Frost & Sullivan, PwC, CII etc. and many more big and small consultants for this work.

TMG Industry Connect/ Interface Committee would like to operate in this area.


Areas outside Committee Scope: Legal Assistance, Funding Requirements, Compliance to Financial Regulations, Manufacturing Regulations, Industrial Relations, Marketing and Selling Regulations etc.


Main Objective: Our main objective is to provide this service mostly as help to industry/ businesses and not with any profit incentive. We should at best be revenue neutral.



a) Industry Needs Analysis: TMF will conduct Industry Need Analysis of 5 big industries-businesses located in each pockets like SSEA, TBIA, TSSIA, TMA, Taloja Industrial Corporation, Kalyan Dombivali Manufacturers Association, Manufacturing Associations in Badlapur, Additional Ambernath, Palghar, MIDCs, Medium and Larger Corporations/ Businesses in Greater Thane and Navi Mumbai. This job will be done free of cost/ actual cost by visits to the head offices of concerned industries and discussions with their concerned authorities.

b) Additional travel if needed to industry-business locations will be arranged by the industries-businesses/ or charged to them.

c) Once needs are identified, committee members will first meet and find out how can we resolve the issue, whose help we can get from among TMF members and make a draft proposal.

d) Committee Members will then meet industry-business owners/ concerned managers and discuss different ways we can help them to resolve their problems. This job of providing solutions on paper will also be done free of cost/actual cost to industry/ businesses. Travel to industry-business headquarters/locations will be arranged by industries-businesses/ charged to them.


Implementing Changes and Process Proving: Various ways Industry Committee can adopt are:

1)      Lectures on business topics useful for industry (free of cost, except travel to location)

2)      In-house training on areas identified for each industry/ association (small charge/day)

3)      Suggestion and demonstrations of useful manufacturing/office floor practices like Kaizan, 5-S, Six Sigma and Lean

4)      Consultation and guidance on Business Planning, Development and Execution

5)      Consultation, Guidance and Implementation of IT Projects, ERP Projects and IT related Solutions (as per cost approved and incurred/actual cost)

6)      Consultancy for specific needs of industry (competitive charge per project)

7)      Walk through/ Audits of specific industry operations, Identifying non-value added work/ processes in Manufacturing, Service Operations and Business Processes (Competitive charges/ actual cost), making a report (charge to be included in the project) and get approval from industry for the process change. Pilot changes and changed process proving at industry-best rate.

8)      Performance parameters assessed will be yield, wastage, productivity, time, quality, safety, regulatory compliance, innovation, use of better technology.

9)      Results will be measured in terms of process simplification, improvement in yield, productivity, workplace safety and environment, time savings, better quality and regulatory compliance, reduction of wastage, cost reduction and profit improvement, Sustainability of changes, Business and Market Leadership. This job will be done at competitive charges.

10)  Business Excellence Training and Participation in CII, IMC and RBNQA business assessments where necessary. Help in applying for awards as necessary (actual cost/small charge)

11)  Additional work may be undertaken with industry as per their requests and agreed charges/ actual cost.


Risks: As per our experience, small businesses in general do not spend time, effort, money to improve their operations even though Govt. provides incentives for such units. We hope we are wrong. This also means we may have to limit our activity to units beyond Rs. 100 Crore Sales (or Rs. 50 Crores?). This will include Medium and Large Enterprises, Industrial Corporations, Service Industries (e.g. banks) and others as we go along.


Assistance from Core Group and Support Group Members: Solutions to industry/ business problems may involve taking help from other Core Group and Support Group Members as per their skills sets in HR, Marketing, Operations, and Finance etc. They will be involved in project as necessary and requested to perform work identified for them.


Members of Industry Interface/ Connect Committee: Subhash Dixit, Ram Vaidya, Satish Utekar and Dr. P. M. Kelkar  

Support Members: Dr. Vishnu Kanhere, Devidas Borkar

Pmk: 13/11/2016