Pre 2006 Pensioners

All officers who had taken pre mature retirement after 20 years are eligible For DL-33 Arrears wef 1 Jan 2006. . Auth : Pcda circular 568 of 2016. It is heavy  amount 1.5l to 2.5 lac. Check All effected got it. Otherwise take up with your banks & CPPC concerned.
This order is applicable even for those officers who have expired , but had taken pre matured retirement. They are authorized DL-33 Life time arrears wef 1 Jan 2006. Go to google & down load Circular 568 of 2016. Everything is clearly mentioned. Offrs have started getting 2-3 lacs.
These are the arrears due to proportionate reduction in pension for all those who had served for lesser than 33 years (for fauJis lesser than 26 years as 7 years weightage for early retirement was given). This 33 years clause was removed from 01 Jan 2006. Hence pl educate ur dads or dad's in law or mother's in law. They will get benefitted by this circular.
Beneficial for all those who retired prior to 01.01.2006. The pension after 01.01.2006 is equal to 50% of last pay irrespective of service rendered. It was not so before 01.01.2006.