What you should consider
 Part time jobs, positions with flexible hours, direct sales businesses, and work at home opportunities are excellent choices for retirees seeking employment that allows them to earn money without being chained to an office for 8-10 hours every day.
When seeking a post-retirement career, it's a good idea to spend time thinking about the types of activities you really enjoy doing, and seek professional opportunities that allow you to earn money while also having fun and enjoying your retirement years.
This section is to assist you with the information regarding the job opportunities classified into
  1. Full time
  2. Part time
  3. Voluntary services with pay
  4. Voluntary services with out payment  

    Sites specially dedicated for Senior citizens:

    Neuvoo is a job search engine that indexes jobs directly for free from companies' career websites, placement agencies and job boards. It centralize all jobs available on the web, soit is  much like the Google for jobs   





 For organisations who can offer job opportunities are requested to contact us.

Why Senior Citizens are preferred?

With rising competition and dearth of qualified professionals, employers are increasingly considering senior citizens as a part of the workforce or as consultants because of the experience they bring to the work place.Besides experience, the other reasons for the demand include loyalty and lower payouts. The retirees are known to stay around a job and that brings stability to organisations. "The presence of elders instils a sense of discipline in young organisations," explains Mohandoss, vice president, of Hyderabad based recruiting agency HRNet Consultants. Thus, many senior citizens start their second innings out with a smaller pay as compared to a younger professional and at times, even lower than their own previous salaries.