Helpline - VCF

Helpline that “GUIDES and ASSISTS” Sr. citizens

The Helpline number is    96193 54670

The helpline will be available from  Monday to Friday  10 AM to 12 PM only.

The helpline was launched by Mr. K P Raghuvanshi IPS Commissioner of Police on 4th Oct.

Our Mission:  Sr. Citizens of Thane will rate VCF helpline as the one that guides and assists” .

Major differences between VCF Helpline OTHER HELPLINEs.

There may be a number of helplines in Thane and around. But VCF helpline is very different in many ways. It is not just a directory of numbers, it is a guide.

  1. This Helpline is for   Sr. Citizens of Thane   by   Sr. Citizens of Thane.  It understands the needs of sr. citizens better.
  1. This helpline will give guidance and assistance to senior citizens
  • to apply for Id card, UID, and Voters’ Id card, ration card,
  • on health related issues – Availability of Hospitals, labs, diagnostic centers that give concessions / special treatments (Parkinson, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s).
  • Availability of specific aids for mobility, comfort and convenience for Sr. Citizens which may be available on renal or free
  • in making a Will, Pension computations for pensioners, expediting pension related issues, registering RTI applications, Consumer forum issues,
  • to decide how and where to donate -  old clothes, books, monetary contributions. Even for that matter how to donate your organs like eye, skin, even body and many such issues.
  • Travel related guidance- Domestic / international / Train / Air / travel insurance / mobile connection overseas etc.
  • How to enjoy retired life – Details of different Hobby club, Agencies who undertake specific holiday or pilgrimage tours, Picnics – adventurous and non-adventurous.
  • Post retirement job opportunities and volunteering opportunities.
  1. It updates the information on various issues regularly and authentically.
  1. This helpline grade the services provided by the service agencies based on feedback from members. We also give this customer feedback to the agencies so that they can improve their services.

We want Sr. Citizens of Thane to realise that

This is the first edition of the Directory & database. This will be updated by addition / deletion / modification on a continuous basis. But it is a process which takes time and effort. We need support and patience from information seekers.