Canteen-Entitlement & Smart Cards- Mar 2018

Canteen-Entitlement & Smart Cards- Mar 2018  >Click here

The Entitlement of canteen facility and canteen smart card has been reviwed and revised rules has been promulgated on 23 Mar 2018.

The categories given are as follows.

1. Entitlement through Individual canteen smart card. This will include all Armed Forces Personnel including coast guard who have completed 5 years of service. DSC, Assam Rifles, Retired defence civilian employees.

2. Entitlement through Bronze card:  NCC cadets during training, Porters doing services to defence forces.

3. Entitlement through Steel card: Gentlemen cadets / Recruits / Sainik and Military school students.

4. Categories who are not entitled.

This letter does not refer to individual entitlement with respect to Grocery, liquor, and four wheelers. All units have been instructed to ensure its compliance and also to conduct surprise checks.

For detailed information you can see the order in PDF format by clicking  here.